Marin County Girl Scout Day Camp

Camp Arequipa: Girl Scout Day Camp 2023

Unit Leader

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The Unit Leader works under the direction of the Camp Director to provide a positive camping experience for the girls in their care. Applies training, skills and knowledge to activities carried out in the unit.

The Unit Leader is accountable to the Camp Director for the quality of work produced. Responsible for the supervision of Cadette and Senior Program Aides within the unit.


  • Working with the Assistant Unit Leader is responsible for a troop-size group (unit) of girls.
  • Meet with fellow unit staff members for the planning, selecting and implementing of activities which will interest the girls, and help to teach the girls skills for comfortable outdoor living.
  • Responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of campers within the unit.
  • Implements health and safety procedures within the unit.
  • Maintain good public relations with campers’ parents.
  • Assists with the orderly closing of unit at the end of camp, and, with the overall camp as needed. Will provide an assessment of her/his area of responsibility in final evaluation of camp. Will also conduct program aide performance evaluations.
  • Working with program aides will greet campers; handle attendance; sing songs or play games each morning.
  • Will attend ALL mandatory adult volunteer staff trainings.
  • Receive and respond to phone calls from Camp director or camper parents within 48-72 hours or request assistance.
  • Demonstrate quality communication through professionalism and courtesy in all interactions with day camp staff, MCDCC members, parents and especially campers.
  • Willingness to uphold the Girl Scout Promise and Laws whenever you represent Arequipa Day Camp.
  • Attend Staff Meetings with Camp Director each morning of camp.
  • Adhere to all day camp timelines, deadlines and budgets as they pertain to your unit.


  • Must be flexible and organized.
  • Experience working with people, particularly girls, of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
  • Ability to take direction. Ability to work as a team member.
  • Experience supervising children, preferably girls. Ability and desire to work with children.
  • Desire to learn about and develop skills utilizing Girl Scout program.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability. Some leadership training preferred, not required
  • Ability to teach or assist teaching an activity.
  • Experience as a group leader, camper, teacher or troop leader.
  • Required to attend training as specified by GSNC, Marin County Day Camp Committee and Camp Director.
  • Demonstrates a high level of quality communication at all levels of interaction
  • Willingness to uphold the ideals of Girl Scouting as they pertain to the Promise and Law.

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